Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Survived 6th Edition Midnight Release

For a little while there, I wasn't so sure we would actually make it in one piece. Cool cats Hubs, Richard, Bart and I had innocently set off for our little road trip over to the Bowie Bunker to pick up our preorders. However, we didn't know until we were already on our way that there was a massive and dangerous storm moving into our area, right over us and moving toward the Bunker.

The radio said winds were upwards of 80 mph, and it certainly was that. One of those huge blinking construction signs with a merge arrow blew across a lane of traffic just in front of us and smacked into the side of a tractor trailer. Then it got hit head on by another car (at 20mph or so, since the rain made traffic slow). That, plus one of those orange traffic barrels blowing in front of us combined with assorted flying debris made the trip nuts.

Fresh out of the plastic.
We got to the Bunker safely (thankfully) but the power was out! We hoped the power would come back on by midnight, but it didn't. The Bunker was running on emergency power, so they couldn't let us in. It was a big but totally understandable bummer, since we drove all the way out there to check out the Bunker (I've never been there and I hear tell there's a Space Marine I could take a photo with).

They did hand us our preorder boxes, but then they had to send us on our way. Bummer. Casey and I made our way over to our local GW store this morning so I could pick up the most ridiculous thing to happen to measuring since digital displays:

They didn't mention they made the metal tab look like teeth.
The tape measure is completely absurd- but I'm planning to make it a little more absurd. I'm going to give it a laser. Without an actual laser pointer in my possession at the moment, I cannot say for sure that it will mount the way I plan. But, some day soon when I have some free time (and a laser pointer) I will work it out.


  1. When I first saw the pictures for this from WD I totally thought it had a lazer on its eye. They so totally missed a trick there

  2. They certainly did! I'll have to do a little tutorial about how I do it- assuming all goes well. Even if I don't exactly need it to have a laser, it still looks easy enough to do that I have to try.


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