Saturday, June 23, 2012

6th Edition Pre-Release & Party Times

Unless you've been without internet access for the last day or so, you know that GW finally put 6th edition up for preorders. Being the lucky duck that I am who lives on EST, it was 7pm here when it was midnight GMT. Didn't have to wait up or anything!

I ordered my goodies and had them shipped to the Bowie Bunker in Bowie, MD because there are going to be some festivities. Hubs called and confirmed that they are doing a midnight release, but  we don't know the specifics of what the festivities entail. We, along with Richard and Bart, are carpooling up there Friday night for some fun and to pick up the new rules.

If you live in the DC/Baltimore area and are heading to the Bunker for you shiny new toys as well, don't be shy and say hi!

*Update* GW has announced that they will be selling some release-day only goodies including lanyards, a beanie, and a belt at their Hobby Centers.

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