Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's that, you say? Finish CSMs?

Despite being in the throws of my Dwarf army, I've found myself returning to my box of half painted Chaos Space Marines. I gave them a whirl last year, and I wasn't particularly impressed with how they performed (I really need to put them in some vehicles). They got shelved and I stuck out another couple months playing Daemons before I swapped to Fantasy (the Dark Side).

They are actually in a box.
With the rumor mill churning up talk of 6th edition again, I started thinking about sitting down to paint them up. They are (for them most part) assembled, primed, and have some color on them. The dominate rumors indicate that 6th will be released in July. That would give me more or less two months to paint them up.

He's upset he's been only half painted for so long.
As you probably guessed, I'm painting them up as the Black Legion. I really liked the look of it, and the associated fluff is pretty awesome. The unprimed grey dude on the left of the box is Abaddon. I picked him up right after he was released in Finecast.

My only holdup is picking them up means finishing my Dwarfs will suffer, and that's what I'm playing right now. I also had plans to play Fantasy in a tournament later in the year (NOVA Open at the least). I could, however, possibly pull them together and learn the new 6th rules by Mechanicon in the fall.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. That's my plans: Fantasy for NOVA and 40k for Warstore Weekend / Mechanicon.

    I'm on the fence about Blob's Park right now.

  2.  I forgot about Blob's. If I recall, it's between those two, so I'll know for sure by the time NOVA rolls around what I'll be up to.


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