Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slayers Ready for Some Slaying

I finally, finally finished up my Slayer unit. They were mostly finished ages ago, but I had to finish the details on their weapons and clothing, dot their eyes, and just do some touchups. Then I dropped them all, and everybody got dinged up.

I had batch painted them through their skin, hair, and weapons and on some of them the damage was pretty severe. One poor bloke had his whole nose, 4 fingers, and part of his beard chipped off. My clumsiness discouraged me from working on them for a while. During that break, I worked on the Longbeards, but the Slayers not being finished was starting to bother me.

Musician, Gotrek, Giant Slayer, Standard Bearer

They've come together as a pretty nice unit, I think. I won't feel quite as bad playing with a mostly unpainted army now that these guys are done. I have a tremendous amount of unpainted guilt. Most everyone I play with is fully painted (or nearly so) and I feel rather bad when I'm not.

I also put together their movement trays. They're magnetized up and when I paint up the rest of the bases, I'll paint the trays to match. I had something more elaborate in mind, but the execution of it didn't work out as well as I hoped. Next time.

With these guys finished, plus my BSB and general, that means 25% of the army is complete. Now to tackle those Longbeards! I've been having a good time working on the beards. My enthusiasm may wain once those are finished.

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