Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Impressions of Fantasy and Dwarf army

I've now played four games against four different opponents (thanks for putting up with the newbie, you guys!). These games have really helped me get familiar with the system and figure out some of the first changes I need to make to the list I'm running.

As far as the Fantasy system goes, I really like it. In fact, I think I like it more than 40k (but only more games will tell for sure). The advantage of starting out with Dwarfs is that I get to figure out the differences without really worrying about the magic phase. It's made the transition a little easier. All those extra dispel dice are pretty nice, too.

I prefer the way movement and charging works, hands down. The movement trays are a little cumbersome when you're setting up and breaking down, but during the game, they make the movement phase so much faster. It also makes it quite a bit harder for you to get that "extra" inch that some people manage in 40k.

The way that armor saves work still seems lame to me, but I'm also coming from a place where every model in my Daemon army had a save no matter what. I may be a bit biased. The Slayers lacking any save notwithstanding, I don't like that in some situations my Longbeards or Warriors just die.

The Dwarfs overall have done a good job holding their ground. I am falling out of love with the Slayers, but the Longbeards have been completely awesome and the Miners were an unexpected delight. Them being able to come in from any table edge has been incredibly helpful.

The biggest surprise was my two cannons. I didn't really know how useful they'd be- but since they are the only shooting in my army right now, it turns out they are incredibly necessary. They definitely made a difference in each of my games. I'm going to add a Grudgethrower soon, and I think I'll like it just as much.

Eventually, I'll get around to painting guys again. I really want to get their bases finished first, but I have to wait on the magnets before I can paint them up.

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