Monday, April 23, 2012

The Very First Dwarf (Test) List

Now that the army is based (and I'm back from vacation), I decided it was high time to sit down and finally make a list. Casey was kind enough to give me a hand, since I haven't made one for Fantasy before. He picked all the Runes for me because I really had no idea what would be useful.

Without further ado, I present:

   Dwarf Lord with shield, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Fire, Rune of Stone, Rune of Resistance, and Master Rune of Spite
   Runelord with Great Weapon , Master Rune of Kragg the Grim, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, and Spelleater Rune.

   Thane with Battle Standard and Rune of Slowness
   Runesmith with Great Weapon and Rune of Spell Breaking
   Dragon Slayer with Rune of Fury

   40 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons including Musician, Standard Bearer, and Veteran
   40 Longbeards with Great Weapons including Musician, Standard Bearer, and Veteran

   10 Miners with musician and prospector
   2 cannons, each with an Engineer
   29 Slayers with Musician, Standard Bearer, and one Giant Slayer

 If you recall the post where I listed out the Dwarfs I have, you'll remember that I don't have 40 Warriors or 40 Longbeards. Casey has a whole mess of Dwarfs from Ghost by Old Glory that I am going to use to fill in the Warriors. They're really rad models with lots of character, so I'll they will fit in nicely with the GW ones.

The Longbeards, sadly, are a different story. I have 20 of the awesome but out of production metal GW ones from way back when. I'm going to scour your friendly-neighborhood-internet-auction site to pick up enough to fill in the missing twenty. Until then, I'm going to use some of the miscellaneous unidentified dwarf models so I can play start playing some games.

I even managed to make my movement trays! I've also magnetized them, although the temporary bases don't have the metal washers in them. I have set up the Slayers and my Lords with the washers, though, since they're already on the finished bases.

I should probably buy Army Builder again. I had a very old version of it that I didn't bother to update after the subscription ended, and then my laptop was murdered by a rootkit. I never put it on the new one, so it's probably time to get around to that.

Games will happen soon!

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