Friday, April 27, 2012

Top Ten Warhammer 40,000 Models

Even though I'm playing Fantasy right now, I am very excited about 6th edition coming out. I've vaguely started planning out my Space Wolf army, but it's really on the back burner until I finish up the Dwarfs. To show 40k there's no love lost, I have gathered up my top ten 40k models.

Casey's recent post about his favorite GW Fantasy models inspired me to do this similar post. Since this is also my 100th post, I thought it'd be fun to do something a little special. The list is limited to models that are currently available. If it weren't, it would be more like a top twenty-five.

Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch
I love the original Lord of Change, but Kairos takes it to a whole new level. His staff is the tits. The details on his wings are magnificent. His head is also less cumbersome than the LoC. What I like most is that they subdued his clothing a little bit, so it looks more realistic and less like a clothing model standing in front of a fan for effect.

Huron Blackheart
Now Huron here has some good things going on. He's a little busier than I like a model to be, but the way he's posed mid-stride with his outstretched hand is simple enough to balance. I like how the spikey bits are over his head and over the back of his axe.

C'tan Shard of The Nightbringer
Long curves go a great way for this model. It's the most simplistic of my top ten, but it really illustrates how you can have a great looking model without incredibly ornate details. He's the stuff that nightmares are made of. His scythe arm takes advantage of the curves used elsewhere to create a good over-all pose.

The GW paint scheme leaves something to be desired, however.

Harlequin Troupe
 These models are great because they are fantastic individually as well as grouped together. They're all masked jesters with a pistol and sword, but they're each posed and detailed in a way that makes them unique. GW doesn't do this often enough with their unit models. The Harlequin on the bottom right is my favorite of the bunch.

Saint Celestine
 She's quite possibly my #1. The pose is simple, but gives her the appearance of upward movement. The little cherubs holding up her cloak, though, really seal the package for me, making an otherwise very good model into a great model. I really, really hope they redo her in plastic/finecast (and if they do I will buy it immediately).

I also appreciate that GW can make a great model of a female without her being nearly naked. Don't get me wrong, I love the old metal Daemonettes (often referred to as the "sexy" ones), but it's nice to know they're aware that women can wear clothing, too.

Trygon / Mawloc
I love the Trygon model, but the Mawloc options really make this a fantastic model (and kit). There's something about a mouth with no chin to make devouring prey easier that really resonates with my vision of alien lifeforms. The snake-like pose is also very well done. As far as their non-humanoid models go, this one is tops.

Inquisitor Karamazov
 This thing is some kind of impressive. I don't even know where to start with this one, it's just that cool. It's called the Throne of Judgement and it's essentially a walking cathedral. Everything on it, from the scrolls, to the skulls, to the flames, to the big ass gun all screams "Repent, heretics!" The fact that it's meticulously detailed, well posed, and has a giant gun almost makes me rethink Space Wolves as my next army choice.
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf 
 Speaking of Space Wolves, I can't wait to paint up this beauty. Let's start with the wolf. It blows me out of the water. It's big but still sleek. The pose is a perfect combination of stalking and anger and he's got more battle scars than the rider (plus a cyber-jaw). If it wasn't a $40 kit, I'd be tempted to run the wolf as the leader of a pack of Fenrisian wolves.

Now to the Lord. Giant axe? Check. Fantastic flowing cloak? Check. Strapped to his monstrous beast? Check. Time to kick some ass. The details on his armor aren't overwhelming, just enough to know without a doubt that he's a Space Wolf. The kit even comes with that a severed Thousand Sons torso. What's not to love?

Space Marine Techmarine
 If Dr. Octopus was around in the 41st millennium, and wasn't insane, this is what he'd look like. Every arm has something interesting about it, and the way they're posed does not detract (or distract) from the details on his body. His axe is also one of the most impressive I've seen. As a whole he is just as interesting as he is up close, and not every model can boast that.

Here's a guy that takes the "skulls for the skullthrone" mantra pretty seriously. I'm the kind of lady who thinks there are never too many skulls on a model, so I was immediately impressed by his cape of skulls. The hand holding the flaming skull and spine, though, now that's something to write home about. It's not an ornate detail, but it's one really indicative of his desire to wreck face for the Blood God.

This model is also one of the few outside-the-box sword examples. Most of the swords are pretty boring, but Skulltaker is too much of a go-getter (of skulls) for some plain old sword. He's also the kind of guy that needs to have skulls etched into his armor because making a cape with the skulls of his enemies wasn't satisfactory. If my Daemon army hadn't been Slaanesh themed, you can bet there would have been a Skulltaker in there.

And that's my top ten! Now I have to resist the urge to buy them all so I can paint them up.

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