Wednesday, January 11, 2012

40k 6th Edition Leak!?

Anyone who's been on the internet in the past few days has by now heard that there's a fairly legitimate looking leak of the 6th edition 40k rule book floating around. Fake or not, it looks just like the rule book ought to look, so even if it is just someone's made up rule book- A for effort. It looks great.

I'm working on the assumption, though, that it does too many things right to be a fake. Most likely, it's an old playtest copy. I read it over and I was only able to think one thing:

Where did I put my Daemons!?

They've been collecting dust.
So, so many of the changes are amazing for my Slaaneshi Daemons list.

Evasion- small and fast things are harder to hit. Everything in my army is fast, and most things are small. Love it. Shooting is now based on a chart of the Target's evasion value and the firer's ballistic skill.
Deepstrike- if you deepstrike 18" away from an enemy, there's no scatter. Most amazing thing of all because my army is so fast (even faster with these new rules, actually)
Reserves-  You get a dice pool. As per usual, the first half of the army comes in from Deep Strike, let's say 6 units. On turn two, I get a die for each unit left (let's say 7). This is my pool, and I can use as many dice from it to try and bring any unit in from reserve. For example, if I *really* want my Keeper to come in on turn two, chances are very high I can get a 4+ if I decide to use all seven dice.
Fleet- Units with fleet get an extra 2" added to their movement. Almost my entire army has Fleet. Between that and the Deepstrike changes, I will be getting into people's faces much faster and with far fewer mishaps.
Movement- Beasts/Cav move 7" instead of 6". Go Seekers! Go! (and Fiends, and Flesh Hounds)

Things that are lame:
Cover saves- they are now a 5+. Doesn't do my Daemons a lick of good, but I suppose it couldn't have been all helpful.
Grenades- Critters like my Daemonettes have assault grenades and defense grenades, but they can't use them as weapons against vehicles like other armies can. Oh well.

I really will have to pull my Daemons out of retirement if even half of these turn up in the final version. I can't believe how excited I am about my Daemons again! I hope it subsides quickly, though, because I really have some Dwarfs to paint.

Update:  This turns out to be a clever fake. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to wait for the real thing.


  1. Yeah the daemon stuff looks pretty cool from what I read although I was mainly skimming that part of the codex updates to find tyranids which seem to have gotten better(which is good since that is the only army I play). The coolest thing I saw were the stratagems you can accumulate if your opponent is willing to outbid you in order to go first. Now shooty armies like tau, eldar, dark eldar, some space marines and imperial guard all really want to go first since they want to shoot, but assault armies like tyranids, orks, space wolves and daemons don't really gain that much from going first so we can afford to give up first turn in exchange for stratagems that help us more.

  2. The stratagems sounded hokey to me at first, but after reading through them, I found myself thinking of quite a few ways my Daemons could employ them. Especially because I love to go second! It's really useful, gives other armies less time to shoot at me, and coupled with the new way Deepstrike would work, it's very attractive. The downside is that most players know Daemons prefer going second, so it'll be a bit of a gamble, but so is just tossing the dice to determine who goes first now.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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