Sunday, November 13, 2011

Piles of Dwarfs!

I mentioned previously that Space Wolves were going to take a backseat. I'm betraying 40k and switching to Fantasy (sorry, 40k. It's not you it's... wait, yes, it is you). I can't resist the siren call of the Dwarf army I was gifted for my wedding from my Man of Honor.

He tried convincing me to get into Warhammer back in high school, but it was too expensive for my part-time job budget. Obviously, I've since seen the error of my ways. He hasn't had people to play with since we all graduated and moved away, so his unfinished Dwarf army was just hanging around, partially primed.

I've had a thing for the Dwarf models since I first got into the game, but I was a 40k-only kind of gal. I've been tempted to switch for a few months, and now I have no excuse not to. And so begins the glorious Dwarf army...

As a pile of chaos.
My first step was to strip the paint off the primed and painted ones, which was about half of what I got. Usually, this calls for some Simple Green. But my friend Richard suggested I try something called Dawn Power Dissolver. I used it on these guys, and now I will never use anything else. It is simply amazing. Look at them after:

Nice and clean!
The Power Dissolver works faster and better than SG ever did. I soaked the figures in it overnight (instead of 2-3 nights), and then I dumped them into my kitchen sink. I grabbed my crafting toothbrush to scrub them off, like I did with the SG. But the paint just needed a little encouragement to fall off instead of the laborious scrubbing SG required.

Honestly though, my favorite part is that it just smells like dishsoap. If you've used Simple Green, you know that the fumes are practically toxic. It gave me a horrible headache every time I've had to use it. This is a vast improvement. I am so impressed that I'm actually going to grab another bottle of it and use it on my dishes (which is the product's intended purpose) to see what other magic it can work for me.

If you want to pick up some of this awesome stuff, you can find it in the dish soap aisle of your local Walmart (I haven't found it anywhere else yet). It costs less than $3 a bottle, and I was able to clean off about 100 figures with two bottles. I probably could have done even more figures with that amount. If you're just doing one or two figures at a time, you can use the spray nozzle to coat them and let them soak for a little while before using a brush to encourage the paint off.

Now that the Dwarfs are cleaned, I've begun scraping the mold lines to prep them for priming. Then I can get a test model done. I'm thinking gold chainmail and green cloth, but if you've got a good suggestion let me know.

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