Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metal, I Miss You Not

I managed to get through my Chaos Daemons with only a handful of metal models, and I am so happy because they took me longer to prep than I could even believe. But now I have these Dwarves and they. are. all. metal. All 150 or so of them.

This, but times 30.
Cleaning off the paint was easy enough. But, I have only unbased, scraped clean, and filed 40 of them so far. It's been days! I don't know what is taking so long, but it's really dragging out.

I am so, so happy that the other models I need to complete this army are now Finecast. No joke. If I get these guys done by Thanksgiving (which was the plan) it will be a miracle.

I picked up a Finecast model a little while ago (a super snazzy Abaddon) and holy smokes. This stuff is amazing. I've dealt with a little resin before, but my goodness. I am really excited for GW's largescale switchover. It will probably mean I can't get some models during the transition, but that's what the Internet was invented for.

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